June 7, 2015

Love Links

✚ From The Mary Sue, The Political Economy of the Mysteriously Missing Black Widow.
✚ Everything you need to know about Marvel's TV universe. I'm more excited about what Marvel is doing with their TV shows then their movies. And unless they announce a Black Widow movie that's' unlikely to change.
✚ I think I linked to this bag already, but albinwonderlands' Just Girly Things bag now comes in purple. I might have boughten the pink version already. And by might, I mean I did.
✚ I found How to Handle Crippling Anxiety very helpful this week.
✚ This Tooth patch is too good. I also love this Anatomical Heart patch from the same etsy store.
✚ If you're from the Edmonton area have you heard about the Tail Creek Music Festival? The line-up looks unreal.
✚ Simon Pegg Thinks There Needs To Be Stronger Roles For Women In Movies
✚ I really love these Unique Birthday Rituals, now to remember them for when my own birthday comes up..
✚ Something that shouldn't be a surprise, but always does surprise people is my interest in archaeology. Anyways I found this article about a 2500-Year-Old 'Wonder Woman' Found on Vase very interesting.
✚ This post about Bitch Planet and Non-Compliance resonates deeply with me.

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