July 6, 2015

Five Things

Hey guys, it's been a while since I last check in. I've been dying to get back to posting, but things are hectic for me right now. I'll try to post more regularly, but I'm not promising anything. Anyways, here are my five things that I'm loving right now.

Moving! Finally after six years of dating Braydon and I are moving in together. Here's hoping we're not trying to kill each other in six months time.

New Sunglasses. I own far too many pairs of sunglasses. But I break them a lot. The console in my car is a graveyard of broken sunglasses.

Volunteering with Lets Talk Science. My friend Natasha is a coordinator for Let's Talk Science, and convinced me to come make GAK in Sherwood Park during the Canada Day celebrations.  And I'm going to be helping out again for Heritage Days on August 1.

✚ New Perfume. The early this week I was shopping with my bestfriend and we ended up in Sephora. While my friend was busy deciding between lipstains I made a beeline towards the TokyoMilk Dark display. I ended up deciding on a bottle of Crushed, which is crisp and bright smelling with Jasmine, Lime, Earth and Moss notes. It's unlike any other perfume I've ever worn. I'm over the moon about it.

✚ Sallys Baking Addiction. The other week I was browsing my local Chapters and found this book in the baking section. Sallys Baking Addiction is easily my favourite food blog and is my go to blog for baking recipes. So having her cookbook at home is amazing. Since buying it I've already made over 15 recipes, and every single one has been delicious. I highly recommend it.


  1. Oh my gosh, congratulations on moving in with Braydon!!! So exciting! Edmonton? Morinville? Buying a place or renting? Ah, details!

    1. We're going to be renting an apartment in St.Albert.


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