August 9, 2015

Five Things + Love Links

Hello hello. It's been a stretch, but I have reasons. I was busy packing to move. And then I moved and didn't have internet all week. It's also time for my five things... or is it love links? Or both. Both is good. I'll keep this short and sweet. I've been enlisted to bake peach pie, banana bread, and cookies today. But I'll be back. I promise.

Funko Pop! Vinyls
I have a mild obsession with pop! figures. So naturally I was over the moon about the Doctor Who and Harry Potter collections coming out. Both collection are seeming to be very difficult to find in Edmonton. But I have managed to track down the vast majority of them. All I'm missing is Harry, Hermione, and Dumbledore.

Espresso Machine.
For years Braydon has been eying up espresso machines and I've managed to talk him out of buying one until now. Just days before moving into our apartment he bought a Breville Cafe Venezia Espresso Maker. This thing is awesome.

So sweet sweet internet, how I've missed you. It was a nice break not having internet all week, but I definitely missed going on Youtube and Netflix.

Having Windows.
Back on the farm my Dad had built a shed in front of my old bedroom window rendering my bedroom dark and cave like for three years. Being able to wake up with the sun in my face is so fucking lovely. I'll never take windows for granted again.

Somewhere between hearing my best friend talk about lipsticks and reading beauty bloggers rant about them I got influenced to try a few different ones. My current favourite is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. True it's not a lipstick but semantics, it's amazing. I have it in mauvelous mauve and the colour does not budge.

✚ This tour of Benji Maddens' house is top notch.
✚ Have you seen Southpaw yet? I haven't, but I have been drooling over Jake Gyllenhaals' physique in it. If you interested here's how he got it.
✚ One of my favourite bloggers, Anna shared her coffee station in her apartment and I'm drooling over the perfection.
5 reasons why no one is reading your blog (and how to fix them).
✚ I really need to own everything in the Sweetapolita's Sprinkle Shop on Esty. My own sprinkle collection looks lackluster in comparison.
✚ This article on how blogging lost it's cool factor is an interesting read and something I've heard echoed over the blogosphere over the last couple of months.
✚ The 4 Types of Productivity Styles.

As always, photo from Death to the Stock Photo.

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