August 28, 2015

Love Links

✚ My favourite app, Hemmingway Editor got a makeover and is more user friendly.
Are Millennials worse off than their parents?
✚ Daniel Arzolas' his using his artivism campaign "I'm Not A Joke" to break down queer stigma and stereotypes and it is amazing.
✚ "Don't Grow Up, It's a  Trap"
Tom Felton and J.K. Rowling Urge Us to Rethink Shipping Ourselves and Draco. Also Twitter and Harry Potter related, J.K Rowling urged Matthew Lewis to put some damn clothes on.
✚ I'm not a Frozen fan, but I do love Tarzan so this fan theory is up my ally.
✚ Zoe London hit it on the nail with A Generation Reminiscing.
✚ From Hannah Gale, The Future of Blogs, Websites and Women's Lifestyle Magazines31 Things all Teenaged Girls Obsessed with in the Noughties, and The Fear of Autumn, SAD & Falling Apart Again.
✚ 28 steal-worthy tips from the most productivity people.
This tote bag is everything.
✚ Annie Edson Taylor's retirement plan was to go over the niagara falls in a barrel.
✚ This chicken caesar pasta salad recipe looks dreamy.
In defense of doing things by yourself
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds, because yumm.

Photo from Unsplash, as per usual.

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