August 14, 2015

What I Wore : Bad Eyebrows

Parka - H&M | Top - H&M | Jeans - H&M| | Necklace - Paper Towns 'Night On The Towns' Premiere | Shoes - Converse Hi-tops | Davids Tea ceramic travel mug | Bracelets - Pandora | Lipstick - Sephora matte lip stain in Marvelous Mauve

Guys. I found them. The Shirt and the Jeans from my wishlist. The two items that broke my heart the most when I couldn't find them in store. Every time I went into H&M I had starting check out every pair of grey jeans in hopes of finding theses zippered beauties. It was while on my way out of the store while shopping with my best friend when I spotted the familiar looking knee pad sticking out on a rack. I beelined towards it hoping, no praying these were the jeans of my dreams. Obviously they were, otherwise I wouldn't be wearing them. The thing is, the only pair they had in my size had a massive hole down the outer seam. After some persuasion the sales clerk to gave me a 40% discount and I skipped off merrily. These jeans are everything I had hoped for. Actually no, I had hoped the knee zipper was a mini pocket because how cool would have that been, but nope. Just decoration.

How I aquired the top isn't nearly as amazing. I was heading towards the Disney store in West Edmonton Mall when I quickly popped into H&M to see what was new. I spotted the top sitting all alone in the nu-goth section. The only fuss was it was extra large, and I am most definitely not an extra large. I asked a sales associate if she knew if there was any other sizes of the shirt located in the store and was met with a blank stare. So I bought an extra large tank top that looks a little silly and like a dress on me. Whatever. I love it.


  1. where did you go to take these pictures, and who took them??

    1. In my old back yard and by myself with my tripod. ;>


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