September 30, 2015

Hello October

Holly molly, is it October already? The months seem to be flying past at a record speed. It feels like just yesterday was the beginning of summer. This last six months has been ridiculous for me. I changed jobs. I moved out of my parents farm and into the city. I volunteered with Lets Talk Science. I opened myself up to new opportunities and had great reward. Sure it's been stressful, and at times down right miserable. But I'm learning just how far I can stretch myself to my limits.

Since I feel guilty about my lack of posts over the last couple of months. So I've decided that it would be interesting and fun to challenge myself to post everyday for the entire month of October. So last night after work I sat down and plotted out as many days as possible for the next month. Since I am working two job, going to school, and am required to talk to my friends if I want to keep them as friends I am bound to miss a day or two along the way. But I want to get back in the habit of more consistent posting.

Watch, I'll completely forget my promise and not post anything till next Tuesday now. ;>

As always, photo from Unsplash

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