September 7, 2015

Love Links

This week's love links is short and sweet. I've been under the weather as of late, and the dreary weather outside hasn't been helping...

✚ Over the weekend I made this pumpkin pie recipe and it's seriously delicious.

✚ How one runestone suddenly reappeared after being lost for 300 years.

✚ From Hannah Gale, 24 reasons to be pretty damn excited about Autumn, and The importance of surrounding yourself with strong women.

✚ This Slytherin daily planner is everything. Also available is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

✚ I may be daydreaming about these Harry Potter inspired notebooks too.

I found a female serial killer in my family tree.

A punk pock approach to living the life of your dreams.

✚ Here are 50 short tips for writing better.

As always, photo from Unsplash.

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