September 17, 2015

What I Wore : Hello September

Leather Jacket - Forever 21 | Chunky knit sweater - H&M | Black Jeans - American Eagle | Sunglasses - Target | Triple Silver Chain Necklace - Aldo | Converse hi-top shoes - Foot Locker

On the day I had taken these pictures I had just submitted my final payment to start Anthropology at a Athabasca university. I'm could only afford to do one class for the first term, so naturally I chose intro to Archaeology. My class doesn't start until October, but I've already read half of one of my textbooks (nerd). It feels weird knowing I'm technically a university student now. I mean, when I went to NAIT I never considered it as post secondary. But it feels good knowing I'm working towards something.

There is nothing spectacular about this outfit. Just it fits perfectly with my aesthetics. My sartorial choices have always leaned towards comfort and practicality over fashion. I've switched from my usual graphic tee to a knit sweater. Untangled my favourite necklace and reached for the pleather jacket that you've seen a million times. I didn't even brush my hair or do my make-up. But, I haven't brushed my hair in over a week and well, sunglasses are meant to hide your face.


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