October 1, 2015

What I Wore : Into The Smoke

Hat - H&M | Choker - Icing | Interlocking Triangle Necklace - Dynamite | Shirt - H&M | Bracelet - Pandora

There's nothing groundbreaking about this outfit. In fact it's almost identical to this outfit from April. The only thing different is the accessories. I am beyond obsessed with this hat. I normally hate how I look in hats, but I've been determined to find at least one that looked good on me that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Enter this bowler hat. I found it at H&M for a steal at only $5.

These pictures are so dreamy. I kind of want to go back to that night and take more. I took them back in early July when Edmonton was in a blanket of smoke from forest fires. July is always the best month for late night outdoor photography. Because of how late the sun sets you can get some pretty neat lighting. Like in these pictures for example, where taken shortly after the sunset giving them the blue glow.

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