December 26, 2015

2015 Goals review.

In 2015 I had four relatively simple goals for the year. I've always found that simple goals were always much more easily accomplished than large goals. While 2015 has been a turbulent year, I manged to be mostly successful in my goals.

Blog More.
I aimed to blog 4 times a week. While I never got close to succeeding in that goal. I did however post over 75 times, a whopping 25 more than I had posted in 2014. While, my posting has become quite erratic since August I have an average of 6 posts per month. So while I succeeded in posting more, I didn’t reach my goal of four times I month. I’m still checking this off as a completed goal because well I can so bugger off.

A complete and utter fail. The furthest I’ve traveled this year has been to Onoway to Braydon when he still lived with his parents. I blame this on my lack of income. If I had a job for the entire year I’m sure I would have traveled somewhere.

Read 70 books.
As of this moment unsure. In previous years I tracked all of my books in goodreads. But this year I forgot to tag quite a few books. I’m sure I didn’t reach 70 books, but until I go thru my books and tag them I won’t know. But seeing how the majority of my book are in boxes at my parents’ house I won’t know for some time.

Draw more.
I’ve doodled a lot over the last year. Enough I think, to consider this a fulfilled goal. I’d like to say I’ve been filling sketch books and honing my skills, but I’m far from that. But seeing how all my free time is spent studying these last few months I am quite happy with what drawing I have done.


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