January 23, 2016

Love Links

13 Feminist Tumblr Artists Who Turned Their Blogs Into Online Galleries.
✚ The International Exhibit for Sherlock Holmes is coming to Telus and obviously I have to go.
✚ I laughed too hard at these 22 reasons why Zellers was better than Target. Not a day goes by where I don't miss Target, but in reality I just miss having somewhere other than Walmart to go.
✚ Have you seen Daniel Radcliffes' Harry Potter audition tape yet?
Being an Activist is easier than you think... 
Why 2016 is the year we need stop pretend ladies aren't Geeks. 
50 things that are definitely, 100 percent confirmed punk.
✚ The 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year is perfect.
✚ If I ever needed a reason to own a clutch I would buy thing gold star clutch in a heartbeat.
✚ This Chrome extension will change Millennials to Snake People is highly recommended by John Green, and you better believe I have it installed.
Things that don't make you a Slut
✚ Because no Love Links would be complete without sharing something from Hannah Gale, 14 things you only own once you've hit peak adulthood.
✚ And finally this Tweet:

As per always, photo from unsplash.

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