January 30, 2016

Love Links.

This weeks links are short and sweet. As I mentioned earlier this week I've been trying to get ahead with my school work. So I haven't been online as much beyond doing research.

Parks Canada and UofA are partnering together to produce Mountains 101, a massive free 12-lesson online coarse. Which hopefully will be available this fall.
✚ Adobe released all of Creative Suits CS2 free to anyone will a adobe account.
✚ Did you know the world's longest war ended in 1986? It lasted so long everyone just kind of forgot about it...
✚ This Veggie Noodle Stir Fry looks delicious.
✚ I am obsessed with this Skillet Bruschetta Chicken recipe, I've made it twice in the last week.
✚ This dinosaur succulent planter is fantastic. Same this this skull planter.
✚ This leather jacket is what dreams are made of.
✚ I may have shared this before but, this toque is everything.
✚ This video is just hilarious.


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