January 19, 2016


Is anything ever official until you post about it online? If you follow me on any of my many social media accounts than you may around have seen pictures of this little jerk. But if not, well let me introduce you to Winchester.

How this little monster come into our lives in a bit of a story. Way back in the summertime my niece came home with this kitten and named him Winston, after Winston Churchill. She had gotten the kitten from a friend who had got it from another friend. The friend couldn't keep the kitten so my neice took it, but my sister insisted she couldn’t keep the cat. My sister starting calling him Nacho, for the pun (its nacho cat), and the name kind of stuck. Fast forward a few months, they still had the cat since my sister couldn’t find anyone willing to take it. Braydon and I was over for Christmas and my brother-in-law who hated the cat offered us $100 if we took him. And well, it would be silly to turn down a free cat and $100.

Because we didn’t like the name Nacho or Winston we decided to rename him Winchester. The name Winchester comes from the movie Shaun of the Dead, and not from the gun brand or Supernatural. If you can recall, the Winchester the local pub in which Shaun and Ed spend all of their time in, much to Shauns' girlfriends' dismay. As I said he is a bit of a jerk. He loves going into the bathroom sink while I'm brushing my teeth. And every time I have a shower he jumps in and out of the bathtub tracking water everywhere. When he's not playing will his toys he's usually fast asleep on the couch, in his cat house or under the kitchen table. He hates cuddling, unless its late at night and and in that case, it only by his choice and only if he can sleep right next toy your face. and bat at your face every time you exhale.

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