February 19, 2016

The Death of the Blogger.

This is something I had been wanting to write for a while and well now seems like the perfect time. It seems every blog under the sun has brought this up in the last little bit but… Blogging just kind of sucks right now. I’ve been blogging in some form online for so long and right now feel like there’s a shift in the blogging world. I think you can feel it too. Without meaning to we all kind of lost our soul, the heart behind our blogs.

I first started keeping an online journal on Gaia Online, then Nexopia, and then switched over to Tumblr. And after a combination of things I switched to Blogger. Since the beginning, I always posted pictures I loved, quotes, and stories of things I did, things that inspired me. But in the last four years since I started this blog I lost that. For the longest time, I posted all the shit I liked then something changed & I tried to be more ‘polished’ and professional, like the blogs I was reading. When I read those old posts they don’t sound like me. Hell, even blogs from this time last years don’t sound like me.

Last weeks’ drunken blog post helped remind me why I got into blogging in the first place, be it here or in my old journals. I’m not this picture perfect person. I have a sink full a dishes, no idea how I’m going to pay my bills, a shitty job and should probably get properly diagnosed for the social anxiety I’m certain I have. So why am I trying to hide that? I’ve always found the appeal in blogs in being able to see that we’re all in this together. To see if Mary Jane down the road, or on another continent, is going through the same issues as me.

I always felt like blogging should be like talking to a friend. It should come natural, be fun and silly. I’m sick of how seriously we’ve all become. And, to be frank, I’m not standing for it anymore. I’m going to have fun. I’m going to have spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m going to post shitty low-quality pictures. I’m not going to be picture perfect, Pinterest friendly or any of that bullshit. Because I’m not like that in the real world. And it’s about fucking time I start acting like myself around here.

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