March 30, 2016

What's In My Bag

My “go bag” is definitely my purse. Recently I switched from my trusty Kate Spade purse to a cheap Call it spring bag. It works, but I’m not in love with it. I definitely have been keeping an eye open for something new. When it comes to bags I do tend to keep a lot in them. And I find I’m limited in how much fits in my bag verses how big it looks.

Without fail I always have a notebook, pens, wallet and ibuprofen in my bag. In recent months I’ve been taking my iPad everything with me to. Since I’m too cheap to buy a proper case I just slide it inside my notebook since they’re basically the same size. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth and tend to always have candy with me. As I write this I definitely have a chocolate bar and two granola bars in my purse.

Recently I restarted that habit but carrying my Olympus camera and Joby tripod everywhere. I used to bring a camera with my everywhere. It was common to be seen with three or more cameras at any given time. Then I just stopped. When I switched to my current bag I went back to making sure I always had my camera with me.

More often than not I’m carrying a second bag carrying my laptop, textbooks, headphones and a pencil case. Ideally I need to switch to a backpack or a camera bag to carry all my stuff. But I am stubborn. That am I’ve yet to find a bag that matches my style, and it in my price range. I need something that isn’t bulky, preferably a shoulder bag, that can hold my laptop, iPad, camera, tripod, wallet, notebook and a few odd and ends that are sure to end up in there. That’s not too much to ask is it?

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