April 26, 2016

Just a Few of My Favourite Things...

My new blog template. Late last week I finally caved and bought a template from Pigdig. I do plan to tweak the design a bit, but for now I'm super happy with my purchase. The part I'm most stoked about is having a mobile friendly website that looks good. Previously I was just using bloggers default mobile design and well, it wasn't pretty at all.

Summer Plans. Early last week my friend texted me asking if I'd be interested in going to Pemberton with her in July. Naturally I said yes, because Duh? who would give up the chance to see Billy Idol in concert? And my family is planning another mountain getaway for August, and I'm hoping to convince a bunch of friend to agree to go tubing in Pembina sometime this summer.

My current camera set-up. I recently bought both a Joby tripod and GoPro Session. My previously tripod was way to big for my camera and I needed something a little more lightweight and portable. And well, I've been eyeing GoPros for years. After some seriously consideration I decided to go with the Session.

Matthew and the Atlas. My favourite band released a new album last week. Naturally I've been listening to it none stop since it downloaded into my phone.

SailorDrops. I am beyond addicted to this game. I don't usually get addicted to mobile games, but this one has me hooked. It's basically candy crush but Sailor Moon themed. And well, it's just too damn cute and challenging for me to give it up.

Honorable mentions; crossing off every thing on my to-do list + Edmonton adventures + new shoes + NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in soft fushia + kitty cuddles + watching Force Awakens and being jealous of Poe and Finns' romance +  Hanging up art prints finally + Staedtler fineliners + new Harry Potter colouring books + quill pens + planning like a mother fucking boss + root beer and poprocks + finding new daily vloggers to watch + finding bottled Butterbeer in my favourite candy store + this song + soundcloud.


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