May 6, 2016

17 Links You Should Check Out

I really had to push myself to finish this post. I think I'm getting sick. That or I'm slowly killing myself from all the junk food I've been eating lately. Let's be honest, it's probably the later, and the giant mint kitkat bar I had for breakfast probably isn't helping. I've been sitting on some of these links for a while so sorry if you've seen them already.

✚ First off you should listen to this Justin Timberlake playlist on spotify.
✚ Lately I've been eyeing up the Sony RX100, in no means do I need a new camera, I just want one.
✚ I'm really excited for Sam Maggs next book, and it available for pre-order here.
✚ From my favourite blogger Hannah Gale, Why You Have to Choose a Happy Life.
✚Casey Neistat is my biggest source of inspiration right now, I can't write real good from two years ago cements that even further.
✚ While I'm an introvert, I enjoyed these 19 examples of extroverted introverts. I think everyone is secretly an extroverted introvert just some are better at it than others.
✚ I related to this post about the art of procrastination way too much.
How to Generate Blog Posts when it feels like your brain is broken
21 Ways To Get Your Shit Together is way to real.
Why You Don't Need to Quit Your Career to Have a Successful Blog Business.
✚ While I've never officially gone to college, I really love these Five Life Lessons After College.
✚ A quick how to for taking perfect flat lays for Instagam.
✚ My favourite comedian Jack Whitehall was on Jimmy Fallon last week.
✚ A man in Jackson, Mississippi threw a birthday party for a pothole.
✚ Check out this Snapchat for bloggers guide.
✚ I love this Sailor Moon iPhone case.
✚ My favourite stock photo site Unsplash costs over $17,000 a month to run.


  1. That Sailor Moon iPhone case is just, too perfect. Want! I love the little updates that you've done to your blog design :)

    1. Thank you. I feel like I'm always saying thank you to you comments. :/


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