June 1, 2016

A Rainy Day in Jasper

Please bear in mind, this is quite a photo heavy post today. I mentioned in my last post that my Mum and I took a day trip to Jasper. We started our trip bright and early, with me driving out to the farm and leaving the farm at 7 am. Honestly, we should have left earlier than 7am so we could have more time in Jasper, but whatever. Now we know. The drive itself is quite boring and long. Since we weren’t spending the night we were short on time. But in the time we had, we managed to go to four separate places, plus a bunch of roadside viewpoints.

Our first stop was Athabasca Falls. The classic stop for anyone going to Jasper. Within seconds of being at the falls, I discovered my umbrella was broken and was utterly useless at keeping my camera bag dry. But luckily it wasn’t raining enough to really need it. The best part of visiting on such a rainy day was that there was next to no crowds. Besides getting the most optimal spots for taking pictures, we didn't feel rushed to get out of anyone's way since no one was around. Because of this, I did play around with my camera setting to get the best pictures of the falls I could. I'm really starting to find the limits of my Olympus camera.

The second stop was Sunwapta Falls. My mum had never been to these falls, while I had been once during a camping trip with extended family when I was fourteen. Of all the spots we went to Sunwapta Falls was easily the nicest. Mostly because the sun came out from the clouds, but also because we did a little off path exploring and came out at the bottom of the upper falls to a nice little rocky beach away from the other tourists. While here we hiked down the short 2 km path to the lower falls. Although short, this hike felt like an eternity, we hardly saw another person on the path but could hear voices in the distance. Which were probably coming from the main area and parking lot, but felt eery none the less. We didn’t stay long at the lower falls because it did start raining again and my cameras aren’t exactly waterproof.

As we drove back to town we decided to go up towards our third stop, Pyramid Lake. On the drive up to the lake, we did see a herd of deer, which made up for all the roadkill we saw during the drive up. By the time we got to Pyramid Lake Island, a small island at well, Pyramid Lake, the weather had changed for the worse with the temperature dropping and the wind picking up. Making it a very short walk from the parking lot to the edge of the island. My pictures don't truly do Pyramid Mountain justice. The pink and purple hues of the mountain were glowing against the dark sky but look muted in all my pictures.

By the time we got to out last stop, Malign Canyon, is was outright pouring and with my broken umbrella and lack of proper attire, we definitely were not prepared. I did take a chance and took my camera bag with us while we did a short walk from second bridge to the third bridge before deciding to turn back. Due to the rain, I hardly got any pictures, not thinking to pull out my GoPro to take pictures and video instead. Next time we're in the area I would love to do the full trail and visit the teahouse at the top of the canyon.

After we got back to the car we started on the long and rainy drive back home. But not before stopping in at the Safeway way in Hinton to grab a latte from the Starbucks. It poured buckets all the way down the Yellowhead till we got to the highway 779 turn off going back to the farm. I honestly wish we had more time, and were better dressed for the weather. But I'm extremely glad to have gotten to the mountains, it makes me want to try doing more day trips this summer. I've already started compiling all the hikes I want to try in the future, like this one. Till next time, Jasper.

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