November 4, 2016

Currently; a life update

Hell-o, little buddy! Who's your favourite Possum! Okay so maybe I've watched A Goofy Movie one too many times in the last month. But what can I say, I love me a good 90s' Disney movie, and A Goofy Movie is the peak of 90s Disney. You got Goofy, an angsty teenager in the form of Max and a canned cheese loving Pauly Shore. What's not to love? Goofy aside. It has been a fast moment since I last checked in. That wasn't intentional. Way back in September I had originally planned on starting posting on a regular schedule, but that never happened. Life kind of snowballed on me. And by life I mean Luke Cage premiered on Netflix and well the rest is history. I figured since my 26th birthday passed last weekend I should probably write at least something about it on this blog.

Watching? Braydon and I had Shomi, but it's ending this month and we got offered a great deal on Cable, which coincidentally is the first time I've had cable in ten (!) years. Naturally, I've taken full advantage of having a PVR to record re-runs of MASH, The Simpsons, and Destination Truth.

Reading? I just finished reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I was midway thru Sex Criminals vol 3 before Winchester destroyed it. And I purchased the new illustrated Chamber of Secrets book.

Listening? Bastille Wild World has been on repeat in my car since I bought the CD, mostly because my CD player is broken and it won't come out. I also have this playlist of my current favourites on Spotify.

Making? Does SFX makeup count as making? Because if so, I spent a good portion of my downtime in October practicing my Halloween makeup. By the end of the month, I had perfected doing latex and cotton build up to the magical point where I was able to disgust people with my skin flaps. Now to spend the next year figuring out how to top this years' make up.

Planning? I mentioned this back in September but I've been on and off planning on a YouTube channel for the last few months. I originally played with the idea way back in in 2009, but the last few months I've been super inspired by some of my favourite YouTubers to take the jump and start my own channel. Problem is, I don't know what type of videos to create.

Loving? wearing toques again, enrolling in online courses thru to UofA, wearing my hair curly, Kat Von D liquid lipstick, perfect birthday gifts from friends, the limited return of Stormy Nights to Davidstea, Paqui tortilla chips, Papermate gel pens, anticipation for Fantastic Beasts, my first pair of sweatpants, and lastly, Pizza.

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