April 14, 2017


I'm currently sat at my local Starbucks watching the snow come down and cursing Edmonton's' usual April snowstorms. I'm only cursing the snow because it means my death trap of a car is far too dangerous to take on the road in these conditions and I'm stuck at home for the weekend. If you've been following the saga that is my car you'd have learned the latest update, but if you missed it, I no longer have power steering. At this point, I should just start saving for a new car...

Watching? Like everyone else, I've been watching Riverdale. The only character I like is Jughead. I honestly don't think the shows worth it for one character. Besides that, I've been watching Mighty Boosh reruns and every Fast and Furious movie that comes on TV.

Reading? The last book I read was terrible. The book before that was Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk which I would 100% recommend if you're at all interested in social media marketing.

Listening? Kasabian and random chill-hop. If you're interested I do make a seasonal playlist on Spotify with songs I'm currently digging, here is my spring playlist.

Making? This soft cookie recipe is my go-to cookie recipe. The last time I made when with mini eggs instead of chocolate chips. I also like doing walnuts, white chocolate and dried cranberries, if you're into that. This Thai Peanut Pasta recipe is pretty good too, I tried it was glass noodles and it was divine.

Planning? I've been planning out an SFX look that involves flowers, to you know celebrate it being spring. Because nothing says spring like glueing fake flowers and glitter to your face and dumping a gallon of blood on your head. The problem with it is I don't have all the products I need to pull it off.

Loving? Sims4, mini eggs, the odd day I've been able to skateboard to work, reminiscing with old photos of Braydon and me, spending time with Liam, Winchester turning into a cuddle monster, video calls with Braydon almost every night, new jean jackets, planning trips and fresh cut flowers.

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