June 10, 2017

Just a Few of my Favourite Things...

You know that goal of mine to not spend any money? Well, I've already failed at it. I stupidly thought I could go to West Edmonton mall to window shop yesterday and not spend any money. But then Sephora happened...

Not only did I break, but I broke in the most expensive store I could have done it in. I mean, I'm not upset about my purchase. If anything I'm quite happy to have another eyeshadow palette. I just probably shouldn't have gone into H&M afterwards and bought all the things.

Especially after having to fork out $325 veterinary bill this morning for Winchester. He got into something he shouldn't have and has something stuck in his throat. He's going to be fine. He got some medication to help whatever's inside him move along on its own accord. But the little bugger has had me worried about him all night.

I haven't done a favourite things post since September. But they're basically the same currently posts. But whatever, I'm doing one today.

+ Ripley. 
We got a new cat. A Tortie kitten named Ripley. She's about seven weeks old and is super rambunctious and vocal. The complete opposite of Winchester. He is perfectly happy to be left alone, whereas she whines for attention 24/7. I did make an instagram account for our kitties its ripandwin if you interested. I try to post daily.

+ Noel Fielding.
If you don't know who Noel Fielding is then I don't think we can be friends anymore. Just kidding... kind of. He's a Britsh comedian best known for his role as Vince Noir on The Might Boosh. I've been a fan of his for quite a few years, and recently re-watched his shows The Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy. I keep getting Boosh songs stuck in my head, specifically the Bouncy Bouncy Crimp. The other weekend while hiking Castle Mountain I was singing it and annoying the shit out of Braydon.

+ Makeup.
Besides SFX makeup I've been wearing a lot more day to day makeup. I mean I've always done a full face of makeup. But now I actually contour and highlight and all those other makeup things the beauty gurus of Youtube/Instagram talk about. I still don't understand half of the terminology or whatever, I don't think them gurus do either.

+ New music. 
Okay, so new to me music. I mentioned Kasabian a few posts back but I honestly can not stop listening to them. I've also been listening to a lot of pre-punk punk music too.  Bands like The Velvet Underground, Dirty Wurds, The Kinks, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno. All bands and musicians which heavily influenced the 80s punk movement. Also, I've been listening to a lot of David Bowie, Tears for Fears and The Smiths.

+ Cleaning all the things!
I've been organising and donating things from my office. Mostly books, but I've also gotten rid of some of the toys and figurines I've acquired over the years. I've also been going through clothing, makeup and other knickknacks to be tossed out/donated too. Slowly things are coming along.

The little things; Video calls with Braydon + confetti poppers and still finding confetti over a month later + peppermint tea, buying new glasses + online window shopping + veggie burgers, skateboarding + rewatching Big Fat Quiz + sims 4 + having blue hair + crop tops and high waisted jeans + this song + gold boots + fresh haircuts

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